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This year funds will raised for Sankalp – a registered student organization at Iowa State University.

You can read more about Sankalp on their website :

You can like their Facebook Page :

If you wish to donate please bring your donation in cash/check ( payable to “Sankalp”) at Diwali Night.

Contact for Sankalp : or Varsha Gaonkar ( (President of Sankalp).

So, what is Sankalp?


Sankalp is a non-profit volunteer driven organization at Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa.        Through various fund-raising activities, Sankalp funds development projects in India. To put it in a few words, Sankalp raises funds to sponsor sustainable development projects back in India.Sankalp offers financial and logistical support to NGOs and local bodies in India in their efforts in improving the social and economic conditions.

How does Sankalp raise funds?

Sankalp raises funds primarily through two activities: Football Volunteering and Daawat – A Fundraising Dinner.

You can read more here

How does Sankalp utilize the funds raised?

Sankalp funds sustainable development projects back home in India. The complete process can be found here :

You can read more here

Sankalp also has an annual newsletter called Akshara which your read here



Sankalp’s efforts have had far-reaching impact. Read more about Sankalp Impact here.

A look at one of the projects Sankalp has funded :

The Project
The Scheduled Tribe community in the Talmul Patna village in Orissa state had been struggling for 3 years since their houses burned down in 2010. 40 families have been affected by this disaster.

The Centre for Development Service (CDS) in Orissa was funded by Sankalp to help restore the living conditions of the poor community in the affected area.
This was achieved by giving them money to buy goats and bicycles.Both of these are instrumental in generating income for the affected families and helping them stand back up on their own feet through goatery and leaf-business.
Project area
Talmul Patna village (Kandha Sahi) under Talmul Gram Panchayat of
Banarpal Block in Angul District, Orissa, India

Year of Funding : 2009 – 2010

Activities Sanctioned & Implemented
(i) Providing goats
(ii) Providing bicycles

Amount Funded by SANKALP : Rs.1,32,000/-

No of Beneficiary Families : 40

A villager is able to earn up to Rs. 300 per day by selling fire-wood collected from the forest by using his bicycle. Villagers now collect leaves from the forest using his bicycle. They then make leaf trays and sell them to earn a livelihood.

2 3

A village level meeting was organized in the project village to get a picture of the current status of the villagers and the impact of project implemented by CDS with the support of Sankalp, USA


The villagers have retained their bi-cycles in good condition & are utilizing the same for their livelihood improvement along with leaf business.


A beneficiary family who was provided 2(two) she goats under the project has now gained to have 12 goats after selling few


A beneficiary who is able to raise his income up to Rs.300/day through selling fire woods collected from the forest by using his bi-cycle provided under the project


A beneficiary with the collected leaves from the forest through his bi-cycle provided under the project & making leaf trays for selling for their survival


A beneficiary family who has constructed a permanent house from the income of leaf business

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